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Sometimes problems are really just opportunities in disguise

Desert Veterinary Medical

Sharing a small space with six other practices may seem like a tough proposition for a small business, but Melissa Riensche from Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists knew that she could make it work. In fact, not only would it work, but it would be an advantage for her patients and their owners. Now, everyone who brought their animal to her could get total care in one convenient spot. No more driving all over town to get different treatments, just a group of amazing businesses working together to make life more convenient.

Trying to get a big bank loan turned out to be a big headache

The problem was, Melissa couldn’t find anyone that was willing to give her a loan to get her practice started. Many of the big banks were unwilling to even consider lending to her because of the open concept of the building, or wanted her to use her home as collateral. After meeting with several larger banks and getting the same result, Melissa scheduled a meeting with the loan team here at Gateway.

The personalized approach got them approval

After getting to know more about Melissa, her business, and her needs, we were able to help her with a loan that everybody felt comfortable with. Melissa noted a big difference between dealing with the larger banks, and dealing with Gateway.

“We are amazed that the president of the bank would take the time to come and meet with us, help us obtain a loan for our business, and continue to watch over us and provide positive support for our business.  Everyone there really cares about us and it shows whenever we have a question, it is answered right away.  We feel like part of the family at Gateway, not just another account.”

Flourishing with the right financing

Since receiving their loan, Melissa and her partners have found that being small business owners is incredibly rewarding. Melissa says, “We really enjoy getting to lead discussions and make decisions that positively affect our employees, give back to the community, and grow our business.”

In fact, they’ve experienced growth each year since receiving the loan that allowed them to purchase the business, which has allowed them to make generous donations to organizations such as the Phoenix Zoo and the American College of Veterinary Internal medicine Foundation Memorial Program.

More than just banking, it’s building stronger communities

We couldn’t be more happier for Melissa and Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists. And we are very proud to be their banking partner. Helping small businesses become successful is one of the best parts about being a local bank, because each time it happens, our community becomes stronger.

Your 5-Star Community Bank

March 2013: Gateway Commercial Bank, Mesa, Arizona is honored to be recognized once again as a 5-Star rated bank by BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation’s leading bank rating and research firm. Bauer’s highest 5-Star rating indicates that Gateway Commercial Bank excels in areas of capital, asset quality, profitability and much more. What’s more, Gateway Commercial Bank has earned this highest rating for the most recent 11 consecutive quarters.

“Since 1983, BauerFinancial has been rating the nation’s financial institutions”, reflects Karen L. Dorway, president of the rating firm, “In all that time, one thing has remained constant: top performing institutions maintain strong policies, prudent underwriting and responsible investment. Gateway Commercial Bank is a bank you can put your trust in.”

Financial strength has been the priority for Gateway Commercial Bank since its inception in 2007. Through its conveniently located branch office on East Warner Road in Mesa, Gateway Commercial Bank has been a source of pride for its local community for six years ( Gateway Commercial Bank is a member of the FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

Gateway Commercial Bank: “Your 5-Star Community Bank.”

BauerFinancial, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida, the nation’s leading independent bank and credit union rating and research firm, has been reporting on and analyzing the performance of U.S. banks and credit unions since 1983. No institution pays BauerFinancial to rate it, nor can any choose to be excluded. Consumers may obtain free star-ratings by visiting

BauerFinancial, Inc. P.O. Box 143520, Coral Gables, FL 33114.

“I Luv My Community Bank” Campaign

The I Luv My Community Bank campaign is for consumers and small businesses to proclaim their bragging rights on how choosing a community bank gives them distinct advantages. Post comments, upload photos and deliver video testimonials via the one-of-a-kind interactive website, on why you LUV Gateway Bank?

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Spotlight on Success: A Mind for Detail


A Mind for Detail’s work isn’t glamorous, but their story is.

Scott Stone originally started the business over 20 years ago as a car detailing company to make some extra income so his wife, Cheryl, could stay home with their family. After learning that the detailing business wasn’t for him, he worked various jobs in the trucking industry while doing pressure washing on the side.

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