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Basic Business CheckingAnalysis Business CheckingNon-Profit Checking
Perfect for
Small businesses who just want the basics.Larger businesses who need a full array of services.Non-profit organizations who just need the basics.
Minimum opening deposit
Minimum balance required to avoid service charge
No minimum balance requirement.No minimum balance requirement.No minimum balance requirement.
Monthly charge if your account goes below the minimum
N/A, no minimum balance.First monthly charge is waived, and future charges depend on level of activity (see notes below). No hidden fees!N/A, no minimum balance.
Earns interest
Free online banking and mobile app
Free online bill pay
Free Visa debit card
Additional benefits

$50 towards your first order of checks and itemized monthly statement with image copy of cancelled checks.

Earnings credit may offset monthly fees. Unlimited check writing and itemized monthly statements with image copy of cancelled checks are also provided.

Unlimited check writing and itemized monthly statement with image copy of cancelled checks.

Important notes

There is no monthly service charge if you have less than 500 transactions per month. Once you exceed 500 transactions, there is a $0.10 fee for each one after that.

Transactions include withdrawals, deposits, and deposited items.

Accounts will be analyzed for monthly activity, float, and actual services used. Accounts with expenses not offset by an earnings credit will be charged on a monthly basis. Business Management Solutions and Remote Deposit services are available with this account. Transaction charges: $0.14 for each check/debit, $0.45 for each credit, and $0.08 per deposit item. $15 monthly maintenance fee, which may be offset by earnings credit. No hidden fees.


Frequently asked questions

Visit this page for details on opening a checking, savings, or investment account.

There is no minimum balance requirement for any checking or savings accounts. Money market accounts require a minimum balance of $1,000. If your account goes below that limit, the fee is $10/month.

We’re always transparent with pricing – no hidden fees here. You can find Gateway’s fee schedule for additional transactions and services. Note that there is no cost for online banking or our mobile app.

Yes, you can sweep from one account to the other to prevent any overdrafts.

Yes there are limits, but our mobile deposit app will still allow deposits to go through. We work each exception behind the scenes. Contact us if you need assistance.

Yes. Contact us and we will be happy to help compare your current fees to future potential savings.

Loans are subject to credit approval. All services may be subject to additional terms, conditions, and miscellaneous fees, including but not limited to mobile data charges and internet provider fees.

Interest rates

See the latest interest rates to find out how much your account will earn.