Business Money Market

Gateway’s Business Money Market Accounts

Our Business Money Market Accounts offer higher interest rates than a typical savings account and reward you for saving money. These accounts are ideal if you have a larger amount of money on hand, but you don’t want to tie it up in investments.

Both accounts below have the same general benefits, but the Executive Money Market Account offers higher interest rates for businesses that maintain balances of over $250,000.

Accounts at a glance

Business Money Market
Perfect forCompanies with a large amount of savings.
Minimum opening deposit$1,000
Minimum balance required to avoid service charge$1,000
Monthly charge if your account goes below the minimum$10
Earns interestYes, tiered.
Free online bankingYes
Free online bill payNo
Free VISA debit cardNo
Additional benefitsSix (6) free withdrawals/debits per month ($5 for each one after that). Interest will be compounded and credited monthly. Itemized monthly statement with image copies of cancelled checks.
Important notesUnlimited withdrawals in person. Federal Regulation and our deposit agreement limit the number of withdrawals and/or transfers that may be made from a savings account by telephone/PC transfer, pre-authorized transfer, check or debit card. You are limited to 6 withdrawals and/or transfers from your savings account each monthly statement cycle by pre-authorized transfer, or telephone/PC transfer (including bill payments). And, if the account permits transfers by check or debit card, no more than 3 of 6 limited transferes may be by check or debit card.

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