This checklist includes all of the documentation you will need to provide with your loan application so we can verify your financial information. We understand this is a lot to gather. Please take your time, and only submit your package once you have all documents. The faster you provide all documentation, the faster we can move forward.

Once we receive your complete package, we will provide an indication of the interest rate you can expect to receive. Your package will be submitted to the Loan Committee for review within 1-10 days.

Requirements for all applicants

Business financial information
  • Last three year-end business federal tax returns with all schedules and K-1s
  • Last three year-end accrual business financial statements, including balance sheet and profit & loss statement
  • Year-to-date accrual business financial statement, including balance sheet and profit & loss statement
  • Business Debt Schedule | Download to print or complete this form electronically with Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.
Personal financial information

*Note: Unless assets/income are sole and separate, spouses will need to initial and sign the joint intent on the application, as well as sign the personal financial statement.

Requirements for specific loans

Required for investor property financing and refinancing
  • Current Rent Roll/tenant schedule
  • Copy of lease agreement(s)
  • Most recent 3 years’ income statement of the subject property
Required for personal trusts
  • If personal assets are held in a living trust, please provide Certificate of Trust or copy of Trust Agreement
  • If Trust files a separate tax return, please provide a copy of the last three years’ federal tax returns including all schedules and K-1s
  • Current Trust financial statement
Required for SBA loans
  • Small business loans require several unique forms and documents. Please contact us at 480-358-1000 for details.
Required by home builders for construction loans
  • Copy of plans, specs, and detailed cost estimate
  • Information on the development/subdivision
  • Information on the lot take-down process, if not already owned by the borrower
  • Current work-in-progress report

Note: Additional information may be requested.

Additional resources for reference