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New business alert: NFL star Bertrand Berry’s training facility coming soon to Phoenix

Loan closed for Bertrand Berry

Bertrand Berry is turning his athletic talents and passion on the football field into a long-term career off the field — and Gateway Bank is proud to play a small part in helping bring his dream to life.

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A New Gym, New Classrooms, & a New Chapter for 91st Psalm Christian School

New Building for 91st Psalm Christian School

When Andrew Cunningham accepted a position as a groundskeeper, bus driver, and children’s church worker at SouthGate Church (then called 91st Psalm) in 1987, he never imagined he and the church would be where they are today. Since those humble beginnings, Pastor Cunningham has become the Senior Pastor and led SouthGate to become one of the largest ministries and Christian schools in the Southwest Valley — thanks, in part, to their partnership with Gateway Bank.

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Partnering for the Puurrr-fect Small Business Loan: The Story of Dr. Garthe, VMD

Veterinarian Dr. Garthe always had dreams of opening her own practice. Now, her dreams are becoming a reality with the help of Gateway Bank.

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Loan CLOSED! Congratulations to the new owners of Kid Glove Inc.

Jack and Amanda Monti dreamed about acquiring a business in the Valley. With the help of Gateway Bank, they made that dream a reality.

Jack and Amanda came across an opportunity to acquire Kid Glove, a family-owned moving and storage company in Scottsdale, AZ. The business fit perfectly with their past experience and what they wanted to provide for their growing family of six.

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Loan CLOSED! Bunker Family Funerals & Cremation is expanding in Gilbert

Bunker Funeral Gilbert Memorial Park Groundbreaking

Gilbert has been the largest municipality in the U.S. without a cemetery— until now, thanks to Bunker Family Funerals and Cremation. This fourth-generation family business, which currently runs two funeral homes in Mesa, is working with Gateway Bank for their construction and permanent loan so they can build a new funeral home and the first cemetery in Gilbert, to be called Gilbert Memorial Park.

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Gateway and LBW Training Center: Making a difference together

When Frank Rosenberg starts a business, he always looks to make a positive impact on his community. His latest venture, the LBW Training Center, fits right in with his mission to accomplish good. The training center is a healthcare education facility known for its unique style, and top-notch teachers. “We focus on providing high quality healthcare education and a fun learning environment,” said Frank.

In his first year of running the center, Frank and his team tripled the number of people taking courses and maintained the center’s reputation for teaching the best courses in the Valley. In addition to training approximately 3,000 professionals in the Valley, Frank and his staff are very dedicated to giving back to our community. Of course, that’s where our two paths intersected.

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Love comes full circle

Local Love Winner Antrim Air

When we started our Local Love campaign and committed to donating $5,000 in design and marketing services to a local small business, we weren’t really sure what to expect. We hoped we’d be able to make a real difference for someone local and meet people who truly cared about our community. As it turned out, we heard from quite a few passionate people about the many different businesses who were all well-deserving of the award. However, we could only pick one business to receive our award.

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Building community through food

After falling in love with the atmosphere and food, we recently sponsored Food Truck Friday at the Gilbert Food Truck Food Court by paying the vendor fees for all of the trucks for a night. After the event, we spoke with our customer, Casey Stechnij from Udder Delights, who shared some insights about food truck events and why they’ve chosen us for their banking needs.

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Loan success story: Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists

Desert Veterinary Medical

Trying to get a big bank loan turned out to be a big headache

Sharing a small space with six other practices may seem like a tough proposition for a small business, but Melissa Riensche from Desert Veterinary Medical Specialists knew she could make it work. In fact, not only would it work, it would be an advantage for her patients and their owners. Everyone could bring in their animal and get total care in one convenient spot. No more driving all over town to get different treatments, just a group of amazing businesses working together to make life more convenient.

The problem was, Melissa couldn’t find anyone that was willing to give her a loan to get her practice started. Many of the big banks were unwilling to even consider lending to her because of the open concept of the building, or they wanted to use her home as collateral. After meeting with several larger banks and getting the same result, Melissa scheduled a meeting with the loan team here at Gateway.

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“I Luv My Community Bank” Campaign

The I Luv My Community Bank campaign is for consumers and small businesses to proclaim their bragging rights on how choosing a community bank gives them distinct advantages. Post comments, upload photos, and deliver video testimonials on about why you LUV Gateway Bank!