Tired of wasting money on bank fees? You could save over $1,400/year with Gateway.

Gateway’s Analysis Business Checking account offers a generous 5% earnings credit – one of the most competitive rates around. Here’s how this credit could lower bank fees or completely cover them for your business.

What is an earning credit, and how much could it save you?

An earnings credit is a bit different from traditional interest. It’s calculated based on your daily balance, then applied to your account to cover transaction fees. This generous earnings credit covers all monthly transaction fees for over 90% of customers, saving the average account owner over $1,400 per year. Less fees means more money for your business and family.

The average Analysis Business Checking account has a balance of about $134,000 and accumulates $117 in monthly transaction fees, which would be 100% offset by Gateway’s 5% earnings credit.

analysis business checking earnings credit calculation

Note: The earnings credit is applied to the average daily balance at month’s end, resulting in a credit that offsets your monthly service activity expenses. Not all fees and charges are eligible for offset through the earnings credit.  

Accounts will be analyzed for monthly activity, float, and actual services used.  Accounts with expenses not offset by an earnings credit will be charged on a monthly basis.

Curious how much you could be saving?

Get in touch with us. Our team can calculate the average fees you’re paying now and determine if Gateway’s 5% earnings credit would lower your bank fees or cover them completely.

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