Sometimes, a business has all the ingredients for success and simply needs capital to get to the next level. Such is the case with Friendly Auto Centers, one of Gateway’s newest clients and the first recipient of funding through the Capital Opportunity Program in partnership with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

Friendly Auto Centers is a family business that has been providing residents in Mesa and surrounding areas with honest, full-service auto repair and maintenance since 2014. Recently, owners Steve and Felecia Rozansky began researching ways to consolidate debt and purchase new equipment so they can grow their company. 

The Rozanskys are active in the community and members of the Mesa Chamber. Through their involvement with the Chamber, they met Gateway’s Lauren Leverette at a luncheon and also learned about the Chamber’s Capital Opportunity Program. When they discovered this program could connect them with the capital to meet their goals, and Gateway Bank happened to be sponsoring the program, the stars aligned and reinforced to the Rozanskys that Gateway would be the right partner for them. 

A local, friendly bank for a local, friendly business

As local business owners, the Rozanskys liked the idea of working with a local bank on their loan. They value building relationships with their employees and customers, and they wanted a bank that shares those values too. 

“I was sick and tired of going into my bank and seeing the manager had changed every time. You can’t build a relationship that way,” Felecia explains. “It’s not like that at Gateway. I like knowing there’s extremely low turnover, and I will always be able to call or email someone I know.”

Once the Rozanskys made the decision to partner with Gateway through the Mesa Chamber Capital Opportunity Program, they were pleasantly surprised by how easy the experience was. “I’m a realtor as well, and I work with a lot of mortgage companies,” Felecia says. “I only wish it were as easy to get a mortgage as it is to get a loan with Gateway Bank!”

Felecia was particularly impressed with Gateway’s communication and local decision making. “They reminded us what documents we needed to provide upfront, rather than having to come back to us over and over again because they needed more,” she explains. “Plus, I appreciated that the people I met are the ones making the decisions. They’re local, they understand your needs, and they don’t have to report to anyone else. They can do what they think is best for you.”

Long-term partnership, long-term prosperity

After a fast, easy underwriting and closing process, the Rozanskys are excited to use their loan to grow their business and have a local team of familiar faces they can turn to for help along the way. “Going to a bank and asking for money is usually intimidating, but working with Gateway has been the complete opposite,” Felecia says. “They’re welcoming, gracious, and answer every call and email — definitely not your typical bank.”

We’re proud to be more than a “typical bank” and love helping business owners like the Rozanskys do things differently in their industries too. They’re ready to show even more people what it’s like to have friendly car care, and we can’t wait to be by their side as they do it!