When we started our Local Love campaign and committed to donating $5,000 in design and marketing services to a local small business, we weren’t really sure what to expect. We hoped we’d be able to make a real difference for someone local and meet people who truly cared about our community. As it turned out, we heard from quite a few passionate people about the many different businesses who were all well-deserving of the award. However, we could only pick one business to receive our award.

Local Love Winner Antrim Air

Congratulations to our winner, Antrim Air

After reviewing all of the submissions, we decided Antrim Air, a locally owned and operated HVAC repair company, would receive the award. Talitha and Anthony Gilmore founded Antrim Air about three years ago and have dedicated themselves to providing high quality, honest repair work for people in our community ever since. They are true ambassadors of the spirit of the Local Love campaign and we couldn’t be happier to be helping them out.

True customer appreciation

When we contacted Antrim Air to let them know they had been selected, they didn’t even know they had been nominated. Their customers were the ones who had submitted a nomination, which helped validate Talitha and Anthony’s style of doing business. “For a customer to take the time to write why they love us is amazing,” said Talitha. “It’s very humbling, and a reminder of why we do business the way we do, because it does come back to you. Karma is real.”

Kindred spirits

As we got to know Talitha and Anthony, we grew even happier that they were selected for the award because of how much they value community. “I go to great lengths to shop local. I think that’s paying back. I’d rather help put your daughter through college than line the pockets of billionaires.”

We think Anthony and Talitha summed up all of our feelings about this campaign when they said, “This has been really awesome!”