A Mind for Detail’s work isn’t glamorous, but their story is. Scott Stone originally started the business over 20 years ago as a car detailing company to make some extra income so his wife, Cheryl, could stay home with their family. After learning that the detailing business wasn’t for him, he worked various jobs in the trucking industry while doing pressure washing on the side.

Over time, he gained bigger and bigger accounts for his side business, including one for the City of Phoenix’s parking garages. Then, one day, he landed “the big one”—a contract to clean all of the City’s bus stops. Scott was overjoyed at the news, but this blessing brought other concerns that come with fast growth. How was he going to finance more vehicles? How could they afford to hire more employees? Where were they going to get the money to pay for new equipment and suppliers?

That’s where Gateway Bank came in. Scott’s wife led the hunt for a new bank and found Gateway after meeting with a few larger banks first. She was tired of being considered “too small” and not getting the attention and service they deserved. When she walked into Gateway, Cheryl recalls, “No one passed judgment… They didn’t discount us because of who we were, and they were more interested in who we would become.”

Cheryl also appreciated the personal attention she received from day one and the trust she has in Gateway. She explains, “I trust Gateway to make the right decisions. They’re not so cautious that they won’t invest in any business, but they’re not so money-focused that they’ll lend to just anyone.”

A Mind for Detail has grown from a side gig to a successful business with dozens of employees. The Stones believe their faith-based principles and commitment to transparency have contributed to this success, along with having a solid banking partner. “When I walked into Gateway with my first check, everyone cheered and congratulated me,” Cheryl says. “You can just feel the culture. If the bank is ever looking for investors, I’m first in line.”

We’re proud to have supported A Mind for Detail through the tipping point in their business, and we look forward to contributing to their company and other local businesses like theirs for years to come.