You shall love your neighbor as yourself. – Mark 12:29-31

Many people of faith live by this Bible verse – but, unfortunately, not many banks. This compassion and community focus is exactly what brought St. Anne Catholic Parish to Gateway’s Arizona community bank.

St. Anne has been a staple in Gilbert, AZ, for over 80 years. Serving 2,500+ families with religious education, services, and a full-time food pantry that feeds almost 1,000 families every month, Deacon Andrew Gilliland says the church is “a lighthouse for the Catholic faith in the East Valley.”

When St. Anne suffered from cyber fraud in 2023, they lost a significant amount of money, and the “lighthouse” fell dim. Even worse, the church’s previous bank was less than helpful during their time of need. They decided to start the search for a new partner who shared their values and could provide better service and security.

A new relationship helps the church rebuild

Fortunately, a member of St. Anne’s financial council knew someone at Gateway Bank, an Arizona community Bank, and made an introduction. “I was delighted with the response we received,” Deacon Andrew says. “I believe in having a local partner who understands the community they serve and our unique needs as a church. After sharing our challenges with Gateway, they really stepped up to the plate and offered us everything we were looking for. We moved all our accounts: two checking accounts and a savings account.”

To help St. Anne recover from their fraud incident and help prevent it from happening again, Gateway’s team helped the church put a layered process in place for additional control and oversight. “Gateway restored my confidence in our financial security,” Deacon Andrew says.

“Before, we never had an opportunity to build a relationship with our bank because their people were constantly changing. Now, we’re on a first-name basis with James [President], Jennifer [SVP/COO], and the tellers at Gateway. They’re always reachable, very knowledgeable, and they’re willing to come see me. That small-town, hands-on approach aligns with our beliefs and helps us make good, sound decisions.”

Taking care of the community and each other

In addition to working with Gateway on their day-to-day banking, St. Anne also turned to the team for a loan to fund several pressing capital projects. Deacon Andrews says the process was “very user friendly and fast,” and helped them make several facility improvements that will improve the experience for congregants.

“I’ve been in a business management role for over 20 years, and I’ve been very impressed with them. I appreciate the relationship and personal touch. It’s like visiting neighborhood friends. We take care of business and also talk about life. I highly encourage people to consider Gateway as a partner in caring for their financial needs.”

If your organization is looking for a new banking partner who invests in the community as much as you do, get in touch with Gateway.