People turn to restoration businesses during emergencies. But who can they turn to when they need an extra hand? Titan Restoration wanted a reliable banking partner who they could count on in good times and in bad — and they found one in Gateway Bank.

Titan Restoration and Gateway Bank have been in business since 1998 and 2007, respectively, but ironically our business relationship dates back to the 70s! Titan’s founder, Russ Palmer, and Gateway’s VP of Commercial Loans, Scott Morris, grew up together and stayed close friends as adults. When Russ was in the early days of building his business, he knew exactly who to call for banking support.

“Russ and his team were working with another local bank at the time, but he really wanted to maintain that extra special touch as they grew,” Scott recalls. Switching to Gateway enabled Titan to keep their banking local, while ensuring they would get the fast, personal service his team needed as they expanded.

Quick, caring, and committed

Since making the move to Gateway Bank, Titan’s team has worked closely with ours to manage their day-to-day banking as well as their financing needs. Whether it’s something as simple as transferring money from one account to another, or a more complicated endeavor like applying for a PPP loan and working through the forgiveness process, Russ and his staff always know who to call.

“Our personal banker, Cheryl, has always been super responsive and helpful. And Scott has been vital in helping with our line of credit and PPP loan. It’s great to be able to talk to the same person,” Controller Anthon Ferrin says. “We feel like Gateway really cares about us and our success. We’re not just a number.”

Director of Sales Kaleb Threlkeld agrees. “I love the simplicity of it all. Anthon can call up Cheryl and have something taken care of so quickly — no waiting on hold or hoping for a call back,” he says. “It feels like a real partnership.”

Cheering each other on

As Titan Restoration has expanded from a startup to a statewide leader, Gateway has been there through every step of their growth. Titan’s mission is “to create cheerleader customers on every job.” Our team is proud to be their cheerleaders and appreciates that they have become ours in return.

Gateway Bank Titan Restoration Customer Spotlight