For most of us, the last few months – maybe even years – have been tough. From the pandemic, to economic and civil unrest, to natural disasters, it sometimes feels like we’re in a movie where the plot continues to thicken.

While it might seem like our country is more chaotic and divided than ever, these longer periods of rapid change have happened many times before in our history. As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure rhymes.” We can get through these difficult years and enjoy better ones ahead – if we come together.

Gateway Bank was founded on this very premise: to raise the tide and lift all boats in our community. Our customer base represents the diversity of Arizona and includes people from around the world. To properly serve them, we’ve made it a point to build a team that mirrors this diversity and to make our bank Open to All.

Being inclusive and bridging differences doesn’t just feel good for our team – it’s also good for our business. This approach has helped Gateway earn recognition as one of the most successful community banks in the country, ranking 32nd in the entire U.S. by and receiving a 5-star rating from BauerFinancial for the 10th year in a row. We’re proud to put Mesa on the map and work hard to be a positive representation of our community.

It’s been a hard year for so many reasons. Now is the perfect time to look ahead. As we honor Global Diversity Awareness Month and Emotional Wellness Month in October, while preparing for the election in November, we’re taking some time to reflect on all the good that comes from celebrating our differences and think about more ways we can all work together to make our community better. We hope you’ll join us.

James Christensen
Gateway Bank