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Ready to make your dream home a reality? We would be honored to help. Gateway Bank is one of the few community banks in Arizona that offers residential construction loans. Here’s how our family can work with yours to bring your vision to life.

Why Gateway Bank?

Local Support

Work with a community bank that’s right around the corner.

Fast, personal service

Our local team works with you to customize your loan and close quickly.

Lower Fees

Save money or use your funds in more meaningful ways.

Required Documentation

The following list includes all of the documentation you will need to submit with your loan application so we can verify your financial information.

We understand this is a lot to gather. Please take your time, and only submit your package once you have all documents. Once we receive your complete package, we will provide an indication of the interest rate you can expect to receive. Your package will be submitted to the Loan Committee for review within 1-10 days.

  • Universal Credit Application
  • Copies of two forms of identification on all individuals
  • Income verification
  • Most recent W-2(s)
  • Most recent pay stub(s) for a 30-day period
  • Last three year-end personal federal tax returns, signed and dated, complete with all schedules and K-1’s
  • Copy of trust, if applicable
  • “Take-out” letter from mortgage broker
  • Legal description of the property & Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of construction contract/plans and specs, cost estimate, fixed price construction contract, and permit
  • Proof of liability/hazard insurance, including course of construction coverage
  • Copies of receipts for any prepaid construction costs
  • Appraisal and title

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change. Additional information may be requested. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Loans are subject to credit approval. All services may be subject to additional terms, conditions, and miscellaneous fees, including but not limited to mobile data charges and internet provider fees.

Loan tips & resources

We’re here to make the loan process as fast and easy as possible. Explore our tips and resources to helpful information during every step of the process.

How do loans work?

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When and how to get a loan

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