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Gateway’s Security Center

Here is all of the important legal information you need to know when banking with us, as well as helpful tips for banking in general. If you have any questions about working with us or how to keep your account and information safe, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Notice of your financial privacy rights
Find out exactly what happens with your personal information.

FDIC deposit coverage
Check how much of your deposits are insured by the FDIC.

Ability to receive and respond to text alerts on pre-determined transactions for enrolled Mastercards.

U.S. Small Business Administration
Learn more about how to start a business.

How to avoid identity theft
Get tips on how to protect your personal information.

Identity theft advice
Learn how to deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.

Search advertising privacy policy
Learn the types of information we gather from this site, as well as what we do with that information.